General FAQs

We have a passionate team of teachers, who nurture individuality and self-confidence. Teachers offer extra lessons at no extra cost (from Stage 5 to Matric), constantly communicating progress with parents. In addition, they are always there for additional advice when needed.

You can contact our admissions officer, who will guide you through the process or apply online today.

Our motto is “we shall give back” and we are very serious about getting involved in all aspects of the community in need. We run a homework centre at a local primary school, we work with old age homes and orphanages as well as the SPCA. Our students are encouraged to lead community projects like river clean-ups and food distributions.

As an Inspired school, Reddam House Bedfordview benefits from access to global educational best practices, global exchanges and exclusive international partnerships.


Meals are provided for our Stage 1 and 2 children. Parents pack a nourishing meal and given water to drink. We encourage the use of water bottles to ensure that children remain hydrated throughout the day.

Our aftercare, Adventure Zone, runs from straight after the little one’s school day, until 17:30 every afternoon. There is an extra cost for Adventure Zone.

  • The children are fed a hot meal daily, including fruit at about 15:30.
  • Homework is done with Grade 1 to Grade 7 children.
  • This runs through every holiday, with a break over December.
  • Special holiday activities are planned during school holidays to make them exciting for children who are not going away.
  • Children who do not usually attend aftercare may also join these activities. [There is a cost for these activities.]

We focus on the foundational cornerstones of life. This includes basic fundamental values and encourages kindness, patience, respect and compassion.

We do this by offering three different approaches:

  • Biblical studies in which the Bible stories are used to impart these values
  • Jewish Studies in which focus is placed on Jewish traditions.
  • Moral Studies, which is offered for all other religions who prefer that we don’t interfere with their teaching at home.

Each parent chooses the approach that they would like us to use. As part of this our motto is “We shall give back” - We undertake outreach projects throughout the year.

We offer, dance, drama, music and art as part of our daily curriculum. We also offer Physical Education.

English is the language of instruction. We offer Afrikaans and Zulu as second languages from Grade 1 to Grade 3. In Grade 4, students may choose to continue with one option for a second language. Italian, Portuguese and French are also offered.


We write the IEB exams, which are widely accepted overseas. Several former students are currently studying in Australia, Europe, the UK and the USA. We have also recently developed a partnership with NUCK. This partnership enables our graduating students to complete a bridging course straight after matric, which guarantees acceptance to several universities in the UK.

We are a non-denominational school but in the primary school foundation, values are put in place by following a choice of Biblical studies, Jewish studies or Moral studies.

They are excellent, and we have a 100% pass. Each student is able to gain access or admission to aspired courses and fields of study.

We offer French, Italian and Portuguese.

Swimming, Water Polo, Cricket, Touch Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Athletics, Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis and Mountain Biking.

We offer Dance, Music, Drama, Visual Art and Design.