The Reddam House motto is “We Shall Give Back”. As members of the South African community, Reddam House has the responsibility to work towards a society where all citizens are treated equally and, by working in our community, we aim to improve the lives of those we work with.
Reddam House believes that the purpose of Community Service/Social Leadership is to encourage students to develop an understanding of civic responsibility and the role they can play in supporting and strengthening their communities. 
Community involvement increases student awareness of community needs and how they can make a positive difference. Helping others enhances the self-image of students and fosters a greater sense of belonging to the greater whole.
All students at Reddam House are expected to participate in some form of Community Service/Social Leadership or Outreach Projects.

Classification of Community Service/Social Leadership

Eligible activities are those that provide services to improve the community or well-being of its members. A list of possible types of activities includes:

  • Animal Care
  • Health agencies
  • Youth Programmes
  • Charitable organisations
  • Environmental projects
  • Senior citizens
  • Sports and recreation
  • Arts and culture

Volunteer opportunities are easily accessible and included on the Community Hours SA Website or chatting to Miss Basterfield.

Term One Project 2021

Reddam House College Bedfordview Grade 8 students accepted the challenge to give back and, as always, they rose to the occasion.
Grade 8 students made over 900 oat packs to donate to Rise Against Hunger and Ukwakha Isizwe. They also started building over 40 eco-bricks and made no-sew fleece blankets.
They all had loads of fun while giving back and realising the importance of feeding the destitute while learning easy ways to be charitable and help just one person at a time.
Students are encouraged to log as many hours as possible for the good of our community, but also as they can achieve Full colours for Social Leadership, half colours and other awards.




Staff entertained our students with their “recycling song” as we launched recycling across both campuses. In the assembly, Miss Basterfield reiterated the importance of saving our planet by recycling plastic, paper and tins. Thanks to one of our parents, Mrs. Do Rego as well as Miss Basterfield and Mrs. Gillanders (the teachers driving the recycling) we have 48 labeled recycling bins around the campus. We are looking forward to reducing our country’s landfills.

Easter Eggs

Congratulations go to Mrs. Kietzmann and Grade 4E for having handed in a total of 2 724 Easter eggs!
Thank you for what you have contributed so far. We have 2 weeks left to go! Please continue supporting by donating as many Easter eggs as possible.

Santa Shoe Box

Participation in the Santa Shoebox Project saw Reddam House Bedfordview students exceed all expectations.
The team spent many hours this year hard at work raising funds to fill the boxes and was blessed by generous donations from parents and friends.
What’s more, our incredible Grade 9s collectively donated 335 items of toiletries for inclusion in the shoeboxes.
Creating a Santa Shoebox is straightforward: Find an empty shoe box; decorate the shoebox and fill it with gifts including toothpaste, toothbrush, a bar of soap, a face cloth, an outfit of clothing, educational supplies, confectionaries and a toy.
From our humble beginnings of only eight boxes in 2011, this incredibly rewarding project has grown to 188 in 2016. Reddam House truly embraces the school motto of giving back! The mission of the Santa Shoebox Project is to facilitate the giving of gifts to underprivileged children to connect people and bring joy.

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