Nursery in Bedfordview

Early Learning School, Reddam House Bedfordview


Reddam House schools pride themselves on applying the unique Reggio Emilia programme as an inspired educational approach to our pre-school education. A teaching philosophy first developed in post-war Italy, it focuses on recognizing and celebrating each individual pre-school child’s innate abilities and gifts. Children are regarded as competent and capable in their own right and the philosophy respects childhood as a time to explore, create and be joyful. The layout of the physical space at Reddam House Bedfordview has been designed to encourage choices, problem-solving and exploration. Teachers are skilled observers who determine individual needs and build on existing gifts and talents. The approach is balanced and giving, without undue academic pressure. The methodology encourages a feeling of belonging and instills innate confidence in children. Their learning environment is made to feel safe, welcoming and authentic. Documentation of work in progress is made visible on large panels throughout the classroom, thereby keeping the memory of the work vivid and alive. We inspire the children to have confidence and imagination towards how they will proceed with their activities, to become creative and critical thinkers who can learn independently. This is what we believe is the most important part of the education we provide at the Early Learning School. Please do come and visit us, taking part in an individual tour so that we can demonstrate to you how all of our children are learning and enjoying their experiences in our school.

Dalene Quayle

Welcome to Reddam House BCC Campus, home of our Junior Preparatory and Early Learning School, a vibrant co-educational environment where we bring out the best in the students in our care. This campus provides a high quality, fully rounded education to boys and girls from Stage 1 (toddlers) in the Early Learning School to Grade 3, to make for a happy, warm and supportive learning environment. Here little ones are nurtured and guided gently into a world of discovery creating a springboard for a happy schooling journey.

— Dalene Quayle, ELS Headmistress

Stay and Play

Reddam House Bedfordview extends an invitation to all parents and children (ages 1 to 6) to join our “Stay and Play” every Friday morning from 09:00. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to make new friends and play in a stimulating and fun environment. Parents will have an opportunity to tour our world-class facilities while their children happily play under the professional and caring supervision of our ELS teachers.